About Us

Our goal is customer satisfaction so you will look to us for your future projects

C&C Brothers Contractors Inc. is a professional full service home improvement company. Our qualified technicians are licensed, insured and take pride in their work. Whether your project is small or substantial, we do what it takes to get the job done right. C&C Brothers Contractors has 15 yrs. in the building and home improvement industry. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We Build to Last
The thing that sets us apart from other renovation or construction companies is that we take on only one project at a time. We choose to dedicate our time and resources to a single project rather than spread across several at once. This means that we focus our efforts and communication in one direction–in line with you, the client. We can guarantee our clients’ satisfaction in the final product, as well as in the entire process. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we are committed to their project.

Among our qualities are:

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Punctuality
  • Efficiency
  • Satisfaction